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Mareena - Phonons Podcast 009
Episode: Phonons Podcast 009
Artist: Mareena (DE)
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A Berlin citizen since 2004, originally hailing from Rostock, Germany, Mareena has a deep passion for electronic music. A true vinyl addict, Mareena represents the Berlin underground scene whether organizing illegal parties or playing unmistakable DJ sets in clubs. Supporting some of the top world DJ's at her residency in Tresor, Mareena also has her own night, New Faces, highlighting the new talent of the underground scene. Her sound reveals an intelligent eclecticism and bold elements of surprise that show her rich knowledge of electronic culture. Mareena's DJ sets leave a deep yet uplifting impact on the mind, body and soul.

natural/electronic.systems. - Phonons Podcast 008
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natural/electronic.system. is a duo formed by Antonio Giova and Valerio Gomez de Ayala, two Italian DJs and producers from Naples. Both inspired by electronic music since the end of the '90s, they founded the n/e.s. project in 2004 so as to express their personal definition of music. Navigating through various styles, their DJ sets subtly combine a wide range of organic sounds. From 2000, they started performing in Italian clubs and Mount Vesuvius forests. After participating in the 2009 edition of the Labyrinth festival, n/e.s. started to export their distinctive sound outside Italy, playing in many parties, clubs and festivals around the world.

Roger Gerressen - Phonons Podcast 007
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Roger Gerressen has been an active artist of the Dutch underground scene for a decade now. Co-founder of the ESHU label and collective, he wishes to promote the avant-garde sound of Nijmegen: techno in all shapes and form. Mostly influenced by soul, reggae and early 90's hip-hop, he often introduces sample-based drum loops typifying these trends into his own productions. Through many personal projects and collaborations with his fellow ESHU members, he also regularly dives into the housier side of the electronic spectrum. Roger Gerressen's episode is a profound immersion into the deepest techno atmospheres.

Alan Backdrop - Phonons Podcast 006
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Alessio Meneghello aka Alan Backdrop is an italian-born DJ and producer raised in Northern Italy. Alan Backdrop's atmospheric music is a subtle combination of ambient, dub and techno nuances subtended by more or less complex rhythms. After releasing high-quality podcasts for solid platforms such as FIBER Space, Smoke Machine Taipei or Smilecoldanatomy, he was invited to play in important festivals and clubs including, among others, the Artmopheric Festival (Bulgary), the Zukunft Club (Zurich) or the Subland Club (Berlin). Alessio has recently joined the consistent Motoguzzi Records label as well as the renowned Prologue artist team.

Claudio PRC - Phonons Podcast 005
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Claudio Porceddu aka Claudio PRC is a Sardinian-born artist currently living in Cagliari, Italy. Mostly influenced by electroacoustic music and Detroit techno trend, this abyssal techno specialist has released numerous tracks on solid labels such as Prologue, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Aconito or Elettronica Romana. Member of the impressive Prologue team comprising, among others, Cio D'Or, Abdulla Rashim, Donato Dozzy and Neel, Claudio PRC is invited to perform all over the world. Characterized by the same features that distinguish his music productions, Claudio's DJ sets range from complex ambient to sophisticated techno.

Ralf Racoon - Phonons Podcast 004
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Ralf Racoon is a German-born artist currently based in Hanover. Since his beginning in 2000, he has been DJing all over Germany, sharing the decks with talented musicians such as Sven Weisemann, Marko Fürstenberg, Marek Hemmann, Mod.Civil or Don Williams. In parallel to his music show on Radio Tonkuhle, the founder of Elektrischer Widerstand (Electric Resistance), a group of individuals with common musical and ethical principles, organizes music events since 2008 so as to develop the Hanover underground electronic scene. Ralf Racoon's deep vinyl mixes smoothly oscillate between profound house and mental dub-techno.

Dario Zenker - Phonons Podcast 003
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Dario Zenker is undoubtedly one the most talented and prolific deep-techno producers of these last years. In a relatively short period of time, the Munich-born artist has released a large number of incredibly emotional tracks on consistent labels such as Time To Express, Vakant, Harry Klein Records, Frozen Border (through the pseudonym #.4.26.) or Ilian Tape, the label he created in 2007 with Mueller (the Ilian Tape's graphic designer) and his not less talented brother Marco Zenker. This profound Phonons episode is an additional proof that the Harry Klein Club resident is not only a brilliant composer but also a great disk jockey.

Damien Zala - Phonons Podcast 002
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Damien Zala aka Lownza is a young French DJ and producer currently living and working in the heart of Provence (Eyguières, South of France). After a Sound Engineering Degree at Paris SAE Institute, he starts to DJ in the capital clubs and parties (Batofar, Djoon, OPA...; Techno Parade...), and signs tracks to various labels (Time Has Changed, Back and Forth, Jett Records...) that are played by international artists (Josh Wink, Radio Slave, Marco Carola...) Back in the South since 2010, he is determined to focus on DJing and production. His Phonons Podcast episode is a deep travel showing the way he wishes to follow for his own productions.

Eric Cloutier - Phonons Podcast 001
Episode: Phonons Podcast 001
Artist: Eric Cloutier (The Bunker/Down/NYC)
Links:Biography | SoundCloud | iTunes
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We are honored to launch this Podcast with an artist whom we consider one of the greatest DJs of all time, Eric Cloutier, The Bunker resident (NYC). Listening to his sets, you immediately understand how The Bunker has become one of New York's best electronic music events; his quality-driven approach reaches, through an always-coherent flow, a perfect balance between mental and physical groove. It is definitely not an accident if Eric has become an emblematic figure of the renowned Labyrinth festival (Niigata, Japan). To learn more about Eric Cloutier, have a look at the numerous interviews listed on his Resident Advisor artist page.

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